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ARTDECO eye couture – lifestyle is trend

ARTDECO eye couture is highly expressive, elegant, passionate, and of the highest quality – a glamorous brand aimed at fashion-conscious, trend-oriented women who are confident, sexy, and on the lookout for a seductive accessory.


ARTDECO stands for sophisticated frames and relies on a team of Italian designers who work exclusively for the brand, producing modern, feminine collections that highlight the latest in trendy colors.


ARTDECO makes the blending of eyewear and cosmetics absolutely unique. The designers integrate the latest makeup trends as seen on international runways to create brand-new color and pattern opportunities for the eyewear segment. They’re not just creating eyewear collections – they’re creating looks!


ARTDECO eye couture not only demonstrates an incredible feel for trends and colors: the brand itself has unique insights into how makeup and frames function together. No one else can claim such brilliant expertise. What look goes with which frame? That’s a question ARTDECO deals with every day.


Eyewear collections from ARTDECO are more than just collections. They’re topical and more focused on fashion lines than any other eyewear brand. ARTDECO has an incredible feel for the latest topics and trends. These frames are the work of consummate professionals!


The secret behind the success of ARTDECO eye couture is the harmony created between frames and makeup. Trendy looks that highlight the femininity of women shoppers. ARTDECO’s primary focus is on women’s individual needs and desires, and on helping each discriminating frames wearer find her matching style.

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